Clumber Spaniel Breed Profile


The Clumber Spaniel is a very gentle and sweet breed of dog, despite its massive size. They are affectionate and playful. They can be a bit willful, as they tend to be a one person dog. They do get along well with other pets such as cats provided they are raised with them. They don't take too well to heavy handed discipline, but they are easily trainable.

Family/Child Friendly

They are good with family and children, but they do not make easy friends to strangers. Don't expect them to be friendly with everyone, but at the same time they should never be timid or hostile.

Lifespan and Weight

The average lifespan of a Clumber Spaniel is around 10 to 12 years. However, with the advancement of veterinary medicine, pets have been known to live up to 20 years and even longer. The average weight for this breed of dog is around 55 to 85 lbs.

Common Diseases

The most common health problems associated with this breed of dog are panosteitis, hip dysplasia, cataracts, dry eyes, and entropion. They do also tend to drool, wheeze, and even snore. These animals love to swallow foreign objects, so owner beware! If not exercised, they can become fat and lazy.

Housebreaking and Shedding

They are easy to train, but they aren't for inside, so housebreaking is out of the question. Shedding is extremely heavy, requiring a thorough brushing every day, as well as the ears and eyes need to be cleaned regularly. Irritation of the ear can occur in this breed of dog. Best to take them to the groomers atleast once a month, if not more often.

Best Owner Compatibility

Not for apartment or condo environments, best Owner has a yard to play in and lots of love and attention to give. Best suited for someone who likes to exercise on a regular basis.

Where to Buy

The best places to buy this breed of dog are from reputable breeders, animal shelters, and rescue organizations.

Average Cost

Owning a Clumber Spaniel does not come cheaply. The average cost ranges from $800 to $1,200 each.

Aggression Factor

Not normally aggressive unless abused. Don't expect them to make friends with everybody. They are wary of strangers.

Noise Factor

They do tend to bark alot.

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