Bulldog Breed Profile


Despite their devilish appearance, the bulldog is really quite a lovable breed of dog. They are docile, friendly and full of surprises. They love to please, even though they can be a little bit willful at times.

Family/Child Friendly

This breed of dog is highly child friendly. Normally they won't stray from the yard unless they have a human companion present. This trait alone makes them a great family pet that also gets along with other pets as well.

Lifespan and Weight

The average lifespan of this breed of dog is around 12 years. However, with the advancement of veterinary medicine, pets have been known to live up to 20 years and even longer. The average weight for this breed of dog is around 53 to 55 lbs.

Common Diseases

The most common medical problems associated with this breed of dog are breathing problems, snoring, cysts between the toes, cherry eye, allergies, and hip problems.

Housebreaking and Shedding

Housebreaking can be done with lots of patience. This breed is an average shedder, requiring only that you brush them weekly.

Best Owner Compatibility

Because of their size, this breed of dog can actually be suitable for apartments and condos. Not suitable for the frequent traveler because this is a people dog that craves human attention and interaction. Best Owner has lots of love and attention to give.

Where to Buy

The best places to buy this breed of dog are from reputable breeders, animal shelters, and rescue organizations.

Average Cost

Owning this breed of dog does not come cheaply. You can easily expect to pay upwards of $2,500 per dog. Routine veterinary care should be included in your budget.

Aggression Factor

Not usually aggressive unless abused or neglected.

Noise Factor

Not Documented.

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