Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Profile


There are two distinct personalities of the Australian Shepherd Dog. One personality needs exercise, walking and other physical activity all the time and the other loves to spend time with humans and be a couch potato. Just which one, however, isn’t obvious until after you have had your Dog for a while.

Family/Child Friendly

This breed of dog is more of a working dog than a family dog. They are not recommended for children for two main reasons. The first reason that Australian Shepherds are not recommended for families and children is because you will not know exactly what type of personality your Australian Shepherd will have until after you buy it. The second reason is the Australian Shepherds strong guarding and protective instincts could actually scare children, thus they are not recommended for families and children.

Lifespan and Weight

The average lifespan for this breed of dog is around 11 to 13 years. However with the advancement of veterinary medicine, pets have been known to live up to 20 years and longer. The average weight for this breed of dog is around 50 to 55 lbs.

Common Diseases

As robust and protective as this breed of dog happens to be, they are not exempt from their fair share of health problems. Some of the most common diseases associated with Australian Shepherds include but are not limited to blindness, deafness, cataracts, CEA, CHD, nasal solar dermatitis, Pelger-Huet Syndrome, iris coloboma, lumbar sacral syndrome, epilepsy, PRA, vWD, distichiasis, PDA, and PPM.

Housebreaking and Shedding Factor

The Australian Shepherd Dog is fairly easy to groom, only requiring brushing about every other day. They are also average shedders. Housebreaking is difficult if not impossible with the Australian Shepherd because they are made for the working environment and have destructive behavior when kept indoors because of their highly energetic nature.

Best Owner Compatibility

This breed of dog is not suitable for the apartment or condo dweller. Nor are they suitable for the frequent traveler. Best owner has a yard to play and romp in, has no children, and has lots of love and attention to give. Australian Shepherds do best in a rural environment with lots of room to roam.

Where to buy

The best places to buy this breed of dog are from reputable breeders, animal shelters, and rescue organizations.

Average Cost

Owning an Australian Shepherd Dog does not come cheaply. The average cost to own an Australian Shepherd ranges from $600 to $1,000 or more per animal. Routine veterinary care should be included in your budget.

Aggression Factor

Australian Shepherd Dogs have strong protective and guarding instincts, making them prone to being naturally aggressive.

Noise Factor

I was unable to find any information regarding the noise factors of this particular breed. If you have any information about this, please email me. Don’t forget to include in your email the link or links where you found your information.

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