American Staffordshire Terrier Breed Profile


The American Staffordshire Terrier is a very friendly breed of dog. They are very tenacious and high energy. They constantly crave human companionship and are eager to please and obey. They are extremely devoted dogs, despite negative media attention.

Family/Child Friendly

This breed can be a good breed of dog around children provided that its properly raised and socialized from an early age. Unlike its cousin, the American Pit Bull Terrier, this breed of dog, the American Staffordshire Terrier, can get along great with cats and other pets, provided that they were raised around them and properly socialized. This breed of dog is good natured with children, but must be supervised with young children until you get to know its personality for certain.

Lifespan and Weight

The average lifespan of this breed of dog is around 9 to 18 years. However, with the advancement of veterinary medicine, pets have been known to live up to 20 years and even longer than that. The weight for this breed of dog is around 45 to 70 lbs.

Common Diseases

Fortunately this breed is robust and its diseases related to this breed is relatively few. The only one I could find, and by all means this isn’t written in stone, is only Amstaff Ataxia.

Housebreaking and Shedding Factor

This breed is an average shedder, needing to be brushed only every other day. You only need to bathe this breed as needed. Housebreaking is possible, but it will take a lot of patience on the part of the owner.

Best Owner Compatibility

This breed of dog is not suitable for the apartment or condo dweller. Nor is this breed for the frequent traveler as well. Best owner would have a yard to romp and play in with lots of love and attention to give. Even though they can live indoors, its generally not advisable, because the American Staffordshire Terrier tends to be a high energy breed of dog. Behavior can turn destructive and neurotic if left alone for long periods of time.

Where to Buy

The best places to buy this breed of dog is from reputable breeders, animal shelters, and rescue organizations.

Average Cost

Owning an American Staffordshire Terrier does not come cheaply. The average cost for one of these dogs ranges from $600 to $1,100 or more each.

Aggression Factor

This breed can be aggressive if not properly socialized from an early age. If it is properly socialized, they usually get along with all sorts of animals, even cats. However, this is dependent on the personality of the specific dog that you choose, as every dog is different.

Noise Factor

Not yet documented.

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