American Akita Breed Profile


The American Akita is not to be confused with the Akita Inu. This breed, however, like other Akitas, are a highly independent breed of dog. Akitas are stubborn, smart, and highly independent. Despite all of this, they still need a lot of socialization. They need to know their place in the pack. Akitas will constantly try to test the boundaries and usurp authority at every given chance.

Family/Child Friendly

Very child and family friendly, Akitas are fierce protectors of family and property. Thus, Akitas need no guard dog training, as they are natural guard dogs. However, it is advised not to leave children or small pets or other pets alone with the Akita until you get to know the Akitas personality first. Akitas are hunting dogs.

Lifespan and Weight

The average lifespan of the American Akita is around 10 to 12 years. However, with the advancement of veterinary medicine, pets have been known to live up to 20 years or longer. The average weight of the American Akita is around 75 to 130 lbs, so it is not for the weak or frail owner.

Common Diseases

As robust as the Akita is, it isn’t without its fair share of health problems. Some of the problems include but are not limited to Canine Hip Dysplasia, PRA, elbow dysplasia, pemphigus, sebaceous adenitis, gastric torsion, patellar luxation, VKH-like syndrome, entropion, epilepsy, cataracts, polyneuropathy, and renal cortical hypoplasia.

Housebreaking and Shedding Factor

Akitas are known to be an independent and stubborn breed, so housebreaking is generally out of the question. As with the shedding, Akitas shed a great deal, “blowing coat” around twice per year. When an Akita “blows coat”, it literally means their fur will come out in clumps all over your floors, which is why they don’t make particularly good house pets. Daily grooming is required.

Best Owner Compatibility

Not the breed for the apartment or condo dweller or the frequent traveler. The best type of owner for this breed is someone who is assertive and dominant. Don’t confuse this with domineering and abusive. Just an assertive attitude will suffice nicely. These Akitas are dominant themselves, and need to know their place in the pack. This breed is not for the weak, feeble, or frail person. Akitas weighing what they do will think nothing of literally pushing their weight around, even if it means accidentally knocking you over! They need to know that no means no and not whatever. They will constantly push the boundaries to see what exactly they can get away with, so consistent training, love, and patience will go a long way with this breed. They need a yard to play in because they have a lot of pinned up energy to spend.

Where to Buy

The best places to buy an American Akita will be from reputable breeders, animal shelters, and rescue organizations.

Average Cost

Owning an American Akita does not come cheaply. The average cost for an American Akita is around $650 to $700 or more for each dog.

Aggression Factor

This breed of dog loves human companionship. It will tolerate children and loves to be with family it knows. It is aloof with strangers. However, if abused, aggression will present itself.

Noise Factor

Akitas are generally quiet dogs, barking only when needing to bark or when feeling threatened.

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