Alano Espanol Breed Profile


The Alano Espanol, also known as the Alano, or Spanish Bulldog, is an extremely athletic animal. The Alano Espanol has a number of uses including herding cattle and holding large animals. One thing to know about the Alano is they have extremely powerful jaws, and they weren't bred for looks. They have a tendency towards aggression if not properly trained and socialized. Alano's by nature have an unpredictable personality, being friendly one minute and aggressive the next.

Family/Child friendly

This is not the breed for someone with children, as Alano Espanol's have unpredictable personalities and may attack children. They have been known to be aggressive towards other people and pets, preferring only a select few to be around. Naturally they would fare well if they were the only pet. However, they do need lots of love and attention or they can get more aggressive as a result. This is not the breed for a novice owner, or someone who is weak or feeble.


The robust Alano has an average lifespan of 11 to 14 years, with an average weight of 70 to 88 lbs of pure athletic muscle. There are no obesity problems with this breed of dog.

Would Make a Great Pet?

The Alano Espanol make the perfect pet for someone who has lots of time and energy to spend. This breed of dog does well if it is the only pet, as aggression with other pets is very common. This is not the breed that is best compatible with children, so families with children should avoid getting an Alano. Alano's make great working dogs, so they would do perfectly on a farm. They need alot of attention and socialization or they will become aggressive.

Common Diseases

The Alano is one of the few breeds of dog that have relatively few health problems. The only health problem that has been so far documented has been Canine Hip Dysplasia.

Shedding and Housebreaking Factor

Does not have that much of a shedding problem. Housebreaking is generally out of the question because these dogs are made to live outdoors.

Best Owner Compatibility

The Alano is not the breed of dog for the frequent traveler or the apartment/condo dweller. Owner needs to have some experience handling dogs, and some experience being assertive and dominant. This breed will constantly try to usurp authority. The perfect environment for the Alano would be a huge yard to run and play in, as well as an attentive and loving owner. This breed must be kept as an only pet, as aggression towards pets with this breed is very common. This is a very muscular dog, so it is not recommended for someone who is weak or feeble.

Where to Buy

Reputable breeders, animal shelters, and rescue groups.

Average Cost

Owning an Alano does not come cheaply. The average Alano costs from around $2,800 to $10,500 each. Investing that much money in a dog and the owner should have good ongoing veterinary care.

Aggression Factor

Alano's can be extremely protective of their families. They are generally not good around children, as they may view children as a threat. Alano's have a tendency towards aggression if not properly trained and socialized. Training for the Alano is ongoing and regular, so be prepared to spend some extra money for the life of the dog. If abused the Alano can easily become dangerous thus turning the tables on its abuser.

Noise Factor

The Alano will warn of strangers approaching, so they make great guard dogs and working dogs. They love to run and play, so a yard to romp in may reduce any tendencies towards excessive barking.

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