There's alot of questions to ask BEFORE pet adoption. This site has your answers.

Considering Pet Adoption? Great!

Before you go to petfinder, petsmart, or any other site, you need to come here first. Here is the one and ONLY full comprehensive site that you need that is completely devoted to the research that every potential pet owner must do before considering pet adoption.

It’s a sad, yet sobering fact that 95% of animals that are in shelters today because their owners failed to do the necessary research before getting a new pet. I then created this website to educate potential pet owners BEFORE they decide to get a new pet. Here are the specific categories that you can expect to find information on. Please note, however, that not all categories apply to all species of animal:

Personality: What is the attitude like? Is it wound up and energetic or laid back and calm? Does it have a tendency towards being destructive or is it neat and tidy? Does it need constant attention or can it be fairly independent? These Questions and more are answered here.

Family/Child Friendly: Is it good with children or should children stay away? Is it good for a family or better suited for a working environment? Is it loyal and playful or is it aloof? These Questions and more are answered here.

Lifespan and Weight: How long does this species expect to live? Is it just a few years or will it be like raising a child? Will you outlive it or will it outlive you? These days pets can live up to 20 years or more. It'd be like raising a child. Are you willing to invest that many years of your life to a pet? How many years are you willing to commit to having and raising a pet? Is this a big or small species/breed? Are you able to handle it if it is a large breed? Will it knock you over when playing or will you be able to handle it? Is it suitable weight wise for an apartment or condo dwelling or is it more suited for a country or suburban environment? Pet adoption is not something to be considered lightly. These Questions and more answered here.

Common Diseases: What are the most common diseases associated with the breed or species of pet that you want to adopt? Are they expensive diseases or can you afford them? Will they shorten the animals lifespan or will it have no effect at all? Can you accept the diseases that come with the animal you want to adopt or is it a deal breaker? Simply click on the underlined word of the specific disease to learn more about it. As with pet adoption, you must also consider "adopting" the right veterinarian for your pet. These Questions and more answered here.

Housebreaking and Shedding Factor: Is the breed or species of pet that you want to adopt easily housebroken or are you better off leaving them outdoors all the time? How long does it take to housebreak, if housebreaking is at all possible? Is the breed or species of pet that you want to adopt require alot of grooming or little if any? Will it molt a few times per year or shed heavily once or twice per year? Are you willing to do what it takes to groom it regularly or is your lifestyle too busy for it? These Questions and more answered here.

Best Owner Compatibility: Is the animal that you are looking to adopt fit your lifestyle? Does it require alot of attention? Are you a frequent traveler? Are you an apartment or condo dweller? Do you live in the suburbs or the country? Do you have a yard big enough for the pet you want to adopt to play in? When considering pet adoption, it's best to get a pet that fits your lifestyle. These Questions and more answered here.

Where to buy: Where in fact should you buy the pet you want to adopt at? Should you buy from a breeder, animal shelter, or would an animal rescue group be more up your alley? When considering pet adoption, be wary of those who want to sell you a pet just to make a quick buck. These Questions and more answered here.

Average Cost: How much money are you willing to invest in buying a pet? Is the sky the limit or do you have a modest budget? Owning an pet these days does not come cheaply, and routine veterinary care should be included in your budget. These Questions and more answered here.

Aggression and Noise Factor: Does the pet you wish to adopt have tendencies towards aggression? Are they aggressive towards other people? What about other pets, are they aggressive towards them too? Is the pet you wish to adopt a one person only pet or can they adapt and warm up to other people in the family? Does the pet you wish to adopt have a tendency to be high strung and noisy? Will they make noise at all hours of the night and keep up the neighbors? Are they a quiet pet? These Questions and more answered here.

Diet: This category is only reserved for those species of pet that require a special meticulous diet. When considering pet adoption, following your pets diet is a must! Examples of this would be exotic pet diet requirements.